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The Scottish Islamic Foundation has made great strides towards becoming the Scottish version of the Muslim Council of Britain – albeit inspired by the Muslim Brotherhood rather than Jamaat-e-Islami.

Osama Saeed, the SIF’s founder, has so far persuaded the Scottish National Party to give the group over £400,000 of public funds between 2009 and 2014. Subsequent funding has been made ”confidential”. In return, Saeed has made good on his promise to the SNP that – with more money – he has persuaded Scottish Muslims to embrace Scottish Nationalism and turn their backs on Labour – the traditional recipient of Scottish Muslims’ votes.

What the Scottish government may have overlooked is that Osama Saeed, a former member of the Muslim Association of Britain, is a committed Muslim Brotherhood activist who will shamelessly use public money to promote a Muslim Brotherhood (MB) form of Sunni Islamism, MB are a group which refuses to renounce the use of violence for political ends.

The confluence between Islam and Socialism becomes clearer the more one studies any situation where Islam is making headway. Just as the socialists allied themselves with Islam to overthrow the Shah in Iran, so have the Muslims allied themselves with Labour in England and the SNP in Scotland to progressively alter social and government institutions in order to further their goal of Islamisation.

The reasons why are absurdly simple, so that one wonders whether the politicians could really be so naive, or maybe just stupid.

Why a supposedly nationalist party — in theory concerned first and foremost with its own nation’s well-being — would align itself with people like this is confusing, until you realise that the “nationalism” of the SNP is merely a convenient coat-tail to power, both for the alleged nationalists, and, more importantly, for the Islamists, who see an ‘independent’ Scotland as more susceptible to their sinister plans.

Islamic organisations receive more public funding for ‘equality’ than all other religious groups put together in Scotland, it has been revealed. Almost 60 per cent of all grants given out by the Equality Unit has gone to just five Muslim groups.

The groups were awarded £1.5 million of public money, dwarfing the £137,500 given to Christian charities and the £110,000 given to Jewish organisations.

Muslims make up less than one per cent of Scotland’s population, and two thirds of Scotland’s population identify themselves as Christians.

Organisations promoting equality between religions such as the Inter Faith Council and the Edinburgh Inter Faith Association received £586,160 and £219,800 respectively.

One of the Muslim organisations benefitting from the £1.5 million funding includes the Scottish Islamic Foundation, which is run by an SNP councillor for Glasgow Central. Critics are concerned about the imbalance of funding and fear it will not only antagonise other religious groups, but will confer a disproportionate amount of economic and social power on the Muslim groups in receipt of SNP allocated funding.

Prominent Muslim Individuals, including SNP appointed councillors who didn’t have to be voted into office, and their connections to reactionary Islamist groups in Britain and abroad, are the subject of concerns raised by other councillors, church spokespersons, the public, and members of the press.

The SNP has so far veered between refusing to comment, and accusing critics and questioners of ”Islamophobic hate crimes”, Ms Sturgeon has said, in a speech given at Glasgow Central Mosque, that ”there is no place for hate and bigotry in Scotland”. So why does she support the mysogynists and bigots who are Muslim Brotherhood affiliates?

The answer is fairly obvious, the Muslim vote is necessary to the SNP, they woudn’t have got even the 45% YES vote that they did, if it were not for the Muslim vote in Scotland.

The SNP seem to be happy to betray the people of Scotland, their history and culture, and especially, their future, just to stay in power a bit longer. Britain has gone, whatever name the future Islamic state of the country formerly known as Britain will be, we can only speculate.

For the first time in our history, a minority with an extremely dangerous ideology, is being mainstreamed, and, excepting the jihadis who survive and are caught, put out of reach of criticism, and ultimately, by the full implementation of Sharia for all Muslim citizens, out of the reach of secular law. 397361_428181413905110_1852088434_n

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  1. Being attentive, analytical, and conscientious, is difficult, requires foresight, concentration, and tough moral fibre, being sloppy and lazy and allowing other people’s words to fail you, is really easy. I dislike cliche’, and so try to be original at the very least. Being awake to reality is more work than being one of a herd of individuals, and so fewer people will make the effort. Our job, if we have one, is to prick the social conscience into, well, thought anyway, hopefully something like original thought, as a start to becoming more enlightened.


      • Ironic, considering that it was the bohemian genius of Nikola Tesla that the more business-savvy Edison rather unscrupulously used to promote himself and his company. Edison was undoubtedly a very clever man, and a great businessman, Tesla was more unpredictable and obsessed with theory as well as with material technology.


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