Bittersweet Freedom


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This is my first post on Torchlight and I am honored to be part of the Torchlight family. I hope to present many more, different, and interesting points of view. My writing is not conventionally “reporter-like,” and you won’t see me using fancy words or phrases. Rather, you will find my writing straightforward and easy on the eyes and ears, as in one-on-one conversation.

I’m not new to writing or speaking, having recently released my Memoir/Biography, BITTERSWEET FREEDOM. I have been an expert radio guest on the atrocities of Socialism, Communism and Legal Immigration.

I was born thousands of miles away in Magyarország (Hungary), a country hewn out of the defiant blood of millions who fought, clawed and died for a thousand years against the slavish oppression forged upon them by innumerable wars of barbaric, warring bands: the last two conquerors being the German Nazi Army and the Soviet Army, both wrapping the iron-fisted chains of communism upon Hungary’s citizens.

During the 1930’s and 1940’s the Nazi/Socialist “BROWNSHIRTS, ” so-called because of their brown uniforms, placed upon the citizens of Hungary the same, savage, abusive, and vehement physical assaults as those demonstrated by the group called, ANTIFA, today, (who garb themselves in black and cover their faces with black scarves).

Antifa learned from those shameful bullies of the past how to seed fear into the masses by the use of unbridled threats and violence against groups and individuals whose political and ideological belief systems differ from their own agenda.

This is happening here in America, now, when individuals, both private and political, are confronted, badgered, and taunted in restaurants and city streets by large groups of organized people who want to publicly humiliate others for having a different point of personal and/or political views – even, threatening those who think differently than they do to the point of physical harm.

In Hungary, The controlling Soviet government TAUGHT Hungarians what they SHOULD believe. In the schools, children’s developing minds were infused with the twisted, perverted dogma of the socialist instructors, whose sole purpose was to mold innocent minds into an exact duplicate of their own repulsive and offensive portrait of “the perfect mindset,” one that resembled their own amoral, depraved ideologies.

Again, the same is happening here in America, with our college campuses forbidding those with conservative viewpoints to speak in their auditoriums, while they welcome those who promote leftist points of view and extremely radical points of view on non-genderism, politics, socialism, pedophilia, and transgenderism.

Finally, after a millennium, the Magyars (as the Hungarian people are called) witnessed the fall of communism in 1989, and at last, breathed in the clean, pure air of Freedom and Justice. It took the Hungarian people a thousand years, countless wars, and in 1956, fought a bloody Revolt against the Soviet regime to gain what all humans crave and deserve: the basic human rights of Free Speech, a Fair voting system, and a Fair trial formed with an unbiased jury of your peers.

And America, also, fought her great War of Independence from England, two World Wars, and several smaller wars to gain the same freedoms as did the Hungarian people. Millions of people on both sides died to gain the Freedoms we have today.

But as you watch the news headlines of today, aren’t you at all appalled by what you see? Do you not see the downfall of all America has gained?

The historic examples above, unfortunately, parallel what is happening in America today. The most recent of which is the Kavanaugh and Ford hearings. I looked at the recent televised event between Judge Kavanaugh and Christine Ford as “a trial.” A trial? Yes. Judge Kavanaugh was on trial, but what for? He was already pronounced guilty and sentenced before the cameras and lights were turned on.

In America, we are the Land of the Free, or are we? Our judicial system is designed that we are Innocent until proven guilty. The accuser bears the burden of proof. But as millions of Americans witnessed, Judge Kavanaugh was fighting for his life, fighting to prove he was innocent as the Democratic board questions were not designed to prove his innocence but to prove his guilt. The Democrats refused to accept the fact that just because a person is accused of sexual misconduct, does not mean the sexual misconduct ever happened. Ford could not produce her so-called “eye-witnesses.” No one came forward to speak on her behalf, not even her parents.

Assertions are not truths until they are established as facts and corroborated with actual evidence.

Judge Kavanaugh had been vetted six times prior by the FBI in order to hold the judicial offices he has held and does hold. No documentation of sexual misconduct was found six times, and none will be found on the seventh attempt.

Under Nazi and Communist “law” or “court systems,” the accused had to prove their innocence knowing full well they were already deemed guilty “by the court.” Those who went on trial in front of the government court knew it was a farce, no one was found innocent – because, if they were found to be innocent then the government would have to be wrong – and THE government was never wrong, and the many who did try to prove the government wrong “disappeared” or had a fatal “accident.”

Let’s face it: America has lost its moral compass. Since America’s inception, there has always been a Communist/Socialist faction working “undercover” to change/mold the United States. Little by little “they” have crept into our lives asking us to “give up” things because in the long run “it will be better for us if we do.” Who are “they?” The Liberal/Communist/Socialist branch of our government. They say: Give up your guns, you’ll be safer with fewer guns on the street. Hitler did this in Germany. The population willingly disarmed believing their country would be a safer place until the ones they gave their weapons up to, were the ones who overtook their country and the people were defenseless to fight back – this started in the Jewish quarter first. We all know what happened to the Jewish people – ostracized, publically humiliated, disarmed, gathered up, and sent to concentration camps to be incinerated.

A disarmed population is easily manipulated and conquered.

By now you are questioning the “point” of this writing. The “point” is this: “In order to see the history of the future, you must learn from the history of the past.” Think hard on that quote.

All I spoke about above is a repeat of sickening past occurrences in history when men and women have been persecuted and ridiculed for speaking the truth, for exposing twisted ideologies threatening to steal the Freedom we Americans treasure today.

My father, Jozsef Bognar, was one of the great “instigators” of the revolt against the Russian occupation of his country during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. We escaped at a last minute’s notice when he was notified that a death sentence had been inflicted upon him for bringing the people into a revolt against the Socialist/Communist agenda for Hungary. We fled Hungary on November 17, 1956, on foot, toward the Bridge of Andau, crossing into Austria, from where we took to board a United States Army ship, in Bremerhaven, Germany, arriving on January 7, 1957, to Camp Kilmer New Jersey.

My parents waited 7 years to become citizens of the United States. We flew the Flag every day in front of our home. When it came time for my father to be able to vote for the first time – he registered as a Republican. Why a Republican? What does a “foreigner” know about Republicans or Democrats? Enough.

My father was a wise man. He carefully studied the creed, the mottos, the belief systems, the ideology of both parties prior to registering to vote. He told me this, “I registered as a Republican because, through much research, I have found that the Democrats have the same beliefs as the Nazis and Soviets. I just escaped from those regimes and I will not aid and abet with any communists.”

This is why I speak aloud to you today, and will continue to do so in future articles, because my parents and I have lived through, and escaped from the very atrocities that I see rearing their ugly heads right here in my Beloved America.

America is on a slippery slope – Evil is waiting in the wings to take over. That Evil is pitting American against American as I write this. When we are at our weakest, at our most hateful toward each other, they will become the strongest.

The only way to “disarm” those who wish to take our Life, our Liberty, our Pursuit of Happiness away from us, is for us to stop allowing the media to pit American against American. Let us come together as One People. Evil is powerless in the face of Goodness.

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  1. Oh yes Judith, I agree with Anthony, really great article. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I wish more Americans knew the history of what evil atrocities from around the world is taking Holt in our beloved country. I also see many Americans repeating the same evils that many other countries have done in their past. Love your complete article, and your last sentence really stood out strong with me. Thanks again.


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