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Eurabia is here

Rosengard, Malmo, Sweden, a typical weekend’s car burning by local Muslim immigrant males. A now common occurrence due in large part to decades of non integration by immigrant Muslims.

Equally complicit is the “European urban planning model” that, since the sixties, has placed all estates it used to use to house the former working class in, way out of town.

That is where they now put much of the immigrant population, particularly those who can’t immediately work and integrate. The primary causes of this being non transferable skills, unverifiable qualifications, and language difficulties.

This is urban carnage, pun intended, it’s what the rest of us can look forward to (unless something radically changes) thanks to Leftist dogma on Nationhood and indigenous cultures, versus Totalitarian Federalism. One-party populism, versus genuine political diversity.

Thanks also to the soft touch everyone seems to be when confronted with scenes of immigrants landing on Greek beaches, (always when anger at uncontrolled immigration has reached its peak) this ethnicidal insanity will continue for the forseeable future.

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  1. That should say “scared to say no”, I would have edited it but apparently I don’t have ‘permission’ to edit my own comment.


  2. Yes, every non-Muslim state in the west is allowing Islam to be mainstreamed in their country, politicians are scared to say no to Muslims.


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