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Between a Rocket and a Hard Place

If you believe that Mr Netanyahu and the Israeli government represent a large majority of Israelis on the issues of how to deal with the problem of Hamas, and Israel’s security needs, (pretty much the same issue right now) which would be a belief with credible foundation, then you must also believe, or at least accept as also credible, that Hamas represents a majority of the population of Gaza, which they self evidently do, although it’s not anything like 100%.

In Israel it’s just over eighty percent support for the way that the war is being waged, then again, the IDF don’t threaten, molest, terrorise, and murder their own population, nor do they do that to the Arabs, the Arabs in Gaza and Palestine manage all of that between themselves.

The death by returned fire, of belligerent and armed enemy combatants, is lawful killing under international law. The death of civilians by indiscriminate rocket fire, is considered a war crime under the same international law, as is the firing of the rockets, even if they do not kill a single person.

The death of civilians as a terrible and unavoidable consequence of urban warfare, not as a policy of indiscriminate attack, is not considered a war crime.

The nauseatingly euphemistic phrase ”collateral damage” – meaning unavoidable civilian casualties – has been used a lot, yet no-one serious could pretend that the pitiful yet both avoidable and unavoidable civilian casualties in Gaza, have been anything other than minimal, and mostly the fault of Hamas and their supporters and militia thugs.

The population of the strip in 2014, was 1.816 million, there were a thousand casualties, or thereabouts, seventy percent of which were armed terrorists. Somewhere in the high twenties of percent, were the casualties of human shields, deliberate and calculated by Hamas, casualties that the IDF did everything it could to avoid.

Everyone by now knows about the leaflets dropped, the phone calls warning of an imminent strike by the IDF, and the cynical way which Hamas and a number of the civilian population have forced people to stay in their homes and be ‘martyred’.

Blood soaked propaganda then ensues, and our media soak it up without asking questions.

The remainder of the civilian casualties are the unavoidable tally that occurs in any war, and in fact the IDF do extremely well, all things considered, in avoiding huge numbers of those kinds of casualties.

If you truly do value the lives of innocents, then maybe it’s time to start demanding from Hamas that all the children and those who do not wish to stay, be allowed to temporarily leave the strip.

Or for them to be allowed to go to an agreed ‘safe zone’ within the strip, while operations against Hamas are ongoing, then we would see and hear exactly what the Arabs in Palestine/Gaza actually want, and how many of them want peace with Jews.

It would never happen, because Hamas would not allow it, they kill peace activists among themselves, calling them apostates and traitors to Allah, after which they usually tie them to the back of a motorbike, and drag them through the streets, just to let everyone else know.941423_531079850281932_1697795662_n

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