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Sterile Sex, Affluence & Education

- Third-world birth ratesSterile Sex, Affluence, & Education | Ethnicide & It’s Causes

Where women suddenly gain access to a decent education, the fertility rate drops through the floor, in Iran, for instance, it’s taken just a single generation for it to drop from way above replacement level, to way below replacement level. This result is also affected by other societal/cultural structures and random contemporary phenomena, but it is true that where women are lifted out of poverty and ignorance, the birth rate drops to below replacement level.

This is also true, in a different way, in post-industrial societies, it’s more the emphasis put on women’s roles in the workplace, and the undermining of the family as the stable social unit of society, that generated the changes in western women’s priorities, more than becoming educated, simply because western women have been educated for long enough now for that to have had a cultural effect, and it was partly that, but also sheer affluence, permissiveness, and self absorption, tinged with post modernist utopianism, the propaganda for which always paints a picture of all the identity groups having equal everything, a completely egalitarian society, which is unworkable, and where it’s been tried, time after time it results in the slaughter of millions.

So the identity politics that we’re all being shoved into by default, is the first stage in the horror show of a society ‘run’ by the post modernists/neo-Marxists, which ultimately leads to the gulag, or its equivalent – divided and ruled, by totalitarian ideology, that’s the way the developed world is headed right now, and if we don’t want to live in that kind of world, then we’d better wake up and start doing something about it.

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