International Politics

Die Judenfrage (The Jewish Question)

There are so many things wrong with the boycott on Israel, it’s hard to know where to start.

Suffice to say the boycott has no means built into it by which to act as a way of bettering the lives of Arab Palestinians, there is no ‘return’ from it, it generates nothing but more antipathy, more hatred.

It ingrains the idea that somehow Israel (for that read ‘The Jews’) are the only one/s guilty of anything bad. The Arab Palestinians, their regimes and populations, are reduced to the status of quivering, fear-wracked, victims, whose only crime, apparently, is to not be Jewish.

The political reality is somewhat different. Palestinian TV is a good guide to how deep the anti-Jewish hatred goes in Arab Palestine. There are dozens of programs that revel in martyrdom, they speak of the Jews as caricatures, portraying them as inherently evil. They speak of the Zionist conspiracy, of ”the occupation”, a myth that Palestinians have even got the UN, the U.S. administration, and of course, and obviously, all liberals, and all of the ‘new left’ believing as an established fact.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. During the six day war Israeli forces recaptured the territories of ancient Israel (Judea and Samaria), from it’s neighbour, Jordan, which started the war. These are the areas that the settlements are being built in. In each case, the areas increase the size of Israel by a tiny amount geographically, but on the ground, it is the difference between a rocket attack reaching the centre of Israel proper, or only reaching the outskirts.

The Arabs in Gaza and the PA view the whole of Israel as “occupied territory.” They want neither peace nor a two state solution.

Their charters declare their ambition is to create ”An Islamic state that will stretch from the [Mediterranean] sea, to the banks of the river [Jordan]”, which translates as, the abolition of the state of Israel on the grounds that it is ‘illegal’, merely by dint of British Mandate. With Palestine, being divided into Israel, and Arab Palestine, they contend “their” lands have been occupied by Jews without their (the Arabs) consent, not that they would have given their consent anyway.

Let’s be clear here, it is also a lie that the land of Israel has been ‘imposed’ on the Arabs now living in Israel, all and any of whom are free to leave if they wish, though the vast majority do not.

The real reason for their claims is that the Arabs living in Palestine hate Israel simply because it is a Jewish state. They see it as an ‘affront’ to Islam.

Let’s not forget that the enmity has precedent, long before Israel existed. Muslim Arabs living in Palestine regularly intimidated and attacked Jewish and Arab-Christian communities and areas. The aim was then as it is now, to drive the Jews out of their ancestral homeland, and take it for themselves. They also drove out the Arab Christians, most of whom fled to Egypt’s and Lebanon’s sizeable Christian communities.

When two sides are in conflict, with one side being totalitarian in its politcs and religious ideology, continuously attacking the other, while at the same time claiming victimhood, the situation demands a second look.

Those siding with the terrorists who created the boycott, only serve to re-enforce the anti-Jewish “chorus.”

Couple that with the knowledge that Facists in Europe have also signed on, Jobbik, a far-right Neo-Nazi political party in Hungary, is a perfect example. They held an anti-Jewish rally on the evening before the World Jewish Congress being held in Bucharest, somewhat in defiance of the resurgence of European Fascism.

Such additions to the groups promoting the boycott should have rung alarm bells in people’s minds, but it went seemingly unnoticed. This was no doubt due to the fact that most people don’t bother to check facts but instead simply repeat what they hear in the anti semetic “echo chamber” made up of like-minded contemporaries and a media that so often reflects their misguided point of view.

If those supporting the boycott realized just how badly they were actually being had (by a propaganda machine the likes of which has not been seen since the time of Goebbels), it might shock them back to reality.

The Anti Zionist sections of intenational media portray Muslims as victims of western racist imperialism, which jihadists use to justify their attcks on Israel, including on civilian population centres. When in point of fact no Muslims suffering genuine oppression are oppressed by anyone other than their fellow Muslims.

There is not a Muslim majority country anywhere that has non-Muslims running their state. Yet in Israel “Palestinian” Arabs hold elected office.

Arab Israelis who farm land in ”the triangle” and on the shores of the sea of Galilee are also being hurt by the boycott. The boycotters don’t care about them though.

This is how the Shoah began. the Holocaust started with the boycott of Jewish businesses,premises, shops, theatres, restaurants, tailors, banks … and it didn’t end in Auschwitz.

Those who witlessly enabled the Nazi extermination program, have modern counterparts in the supporters of the boycott. The regimes and the ideology they align with see the destruction of Israel as the sacred will of God.

They look forward to a time when Israel finds itself abandoned by it’s strongest ally, the United States. Those who support the boycott hope to use it as a wedge to achieve exactly that. I hope and pray that day never comes.

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