Beware Donald, It’s a Trap!

As if those of us not suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome” needed any more proof of the “Deep States” existence, it has just come to light in a Story from the New York Times, that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was planning to wear a “wire” in order to invoke the 25th Amendment against a sitting President.

This only serves to demonstrate the level to which the Agency has been politicized.

25 (now soon to be 26) members of the Justice Department have either been fired or resigned since Trump took office in matters all related to the active sabotage of a duly elected Government.

Former FBI Director Andrew McCabe’s Attorney has just come forward to corroborate the Times story.

Time to clean House, starting with Sessions if he refuses to fire his Deputy. At least that’s what I’d say at first blush.

As an amateur Magician in my youth, I understand the concept of “Misdirection.” The New York Times is by no means Conservative and is certainly no friend to Donald Trump. They didn’t come by this info Yesterday, so why release it now? (The “Friday News Dump” scenario does not apply either)

Knowing that such a story would stir not only the President’s Base, but the President himself (who has no love for the Agency and Rosenstein in particular), could it be that Trump is being goaded into purging the Justice Department in the middle of a controversial Supreme Court Nomination because the Left fears the Ford story will no longer derail Kavanaugh and their best course of action is to prey on the President’s “achilles heel?”

Nothing would end the process quicker than for him to take the bait.

Rosenstein should be left in place until the Conservative majority on the Court has been secured. The President can afford to wait until after the election to “Settle all Family business.”

Update: Bio of Reporter who wote the Times piece.

Adam Goldman is a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning American journalist. He received the award for covering the New York Police Department’s spying program that monitored daily life in Muslim communities and for his coverage of the Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Wikipedia

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