Where in the World is Gloria Alred?

I have James Woods to thank for this. He was astute enough to pick up on something a lot of us missed, where is Gloria Alred? The Christine Ford case is tailor made for her! This is a woman who would pick a bum up off the street and drag them into Court if she thought it would advance her career. The stench from what the Democrats are trying to pull is so strong you’d think she’d be on this like a fly on ….!

But she’s not. To my knowledge she hasn’t even commented. The “Elephant in the room” is why?

Is this a bridge too far? A precedent so dangerous even she doesn’t want to be associated with it? Because what the left is trying to do puts “every mother’s son” “in the crosshairs.” The evidence on which this “case” is built is so flimsy a “Grand Jury” would be hard pressed to make an indictment.

The calculation here is, if the Dems can delay this past Nov 6, their counterparts running in “Red States” will be free to vote no. Further, if they succeed in taking back the Senate, they can hold Kennedy’s seat open until after the 2020 Election, leaving a divided Court for the remainder of Trump’s 1st term. It’s a dangerous move, and one that could blow up in their faces.

But the “alt left” which now comprises the Democrat Party, their “Minions” in the Media and the “Brown Shirts” (many bought and paid for by Anti American crusader George Soros), have become so deranged in their lust for power and their insatiable desire to take down Donald Trump, they’ll use any means and destroy anyone in their path innocent or not.

The part that’s missing from their equation is, the American people are watching.

Image Copyright Fox News


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