“The lady doth protest too much!”

I’m old enough to remember the release of “The Pentagon Papers” by The New York Times in 71. While only a small portion of the documents were leaked, it was enough to prove that the Johnson Administration had lied to both the Congress and the American People about enlarging the War in Southeast Asia. This eventually led to Johnson’s decision not to run for Re-election.

Fast foward to 2018, the President of the United States who has been under siege since taking office by the Democrats, the Media, members of his own Party and even his own Justice Department, decides to declassify documents showing how the investigation into “Russian Collusion” came into being.

Rather than applauding his transparency, his critics are charging him with abuse of power!

The Press which purports to fight “Government Corruption” in this case has been complicit in covering it up. Which is why they and their co-conspiritors are crying foul. Because the information about to be released will show how the Media, elements of Congress and the Justice Department have lied to the American People about how and why this investigation was started in the first place. The “Scales of Justice” are about to balance!

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