Sex As A Weapon

I had intended to write about the “Confrontation Clause” of the 6th Amendment in relation to the recent charges made against Judge Kavanaugh by an anonymous source. That has changed as she has now come forward.

Republicans have already started to defect. Flake of Arizona and Corker of Tennessee have called for a delay on the Committee vote. Both Flake and Corker are known critics of the President and as neither are standing for re-election they have nothing to lose.

The “Wild Cards” are Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. If either vote no the Nomination is finished. Murkowski joined the “chorus” calling for delay a few hours ago.

I find myself conflicted on this matter. I have two sisters and a six neices. If any had been touched in the manner described it would be abhorrent regardless of the passage of time. I may be more sensitive than most on this issue as the daughters of a close friend were molested by their Step Grandfather practically from the time they were infants.

That being said, Brett Kavanaugh was nominated to the D.C. Court of Appeals in 2003 by then President George W. Bush. His confirmation was held up until 2006 by Democrats using delay tactics. This allowed three years for anyone wishing to comment on Kavanaugh’s fitness for the Post.

Christine Blassey Ford, who just stepped from the Shadows, chose to remain silent. Nor did she come forward when Trump first nominated now Judge Kavanaugh to fill Kennedy’s place on the Court.

If he isn’t qualified to be on the Surpreme Court, then he certainly wasn’t qualified to sit on the Court of Appeals. If Ms. Ford felt this strongly she had an obligation to prevent Kavanaugh from becoming part of the Judicial system in the first place.

It has also come to light that she is both a Democrat Activist and a Liberal, as well as a contributor to the Sanders Campaign in 2016. This puts her in the “fringe Left” of her Party. However, this is not relevant to the matter at hand.

What must be taken into account is the timing. She and her advocate, Senator Feinstein of California, waited until the last possible minute to make these charges in what seems to be a clear calculation to derail the nomination so “late in the game” as to prevent the vacancy from being filled until the next legislative session when Democrats are betting they will have control.

While I’m sensitive to the issues brought forth by Professor Ford, the allegations she’s made can neither be substantiated nor refuted by either party “beyond a reasonable doubt” as there are no credible witnesses aside from her and the Judge.

The Democrats have found a way to weaponize the #metoo movement to permanently damage the reputations of those they oppose while giving them no means for recovery. It is up to the voters to hold them to account for both the damage they’ve inflicted on a legitimate movement and the innocent lives they’ve destroyed regardless of how this plays out.


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