We buried more than just a Senator last week.

A colleage at torchlight2017.com asked me to commit to paper my thoughts on the passing of Senator John McCain. I demurred, not due to lack of opinion, but rather out of respect for the office he held. A sentiment I suspect would have been lost on the dearly departed.

Having observed the requisite period of silence, I’m ready to “speak my piece.” The Circus that followed his death only served to illustrate that Civility and Good Manners are as dead as the man they interred.

Imagine if in 2010 Robert Byrd, former Senator, Exalted Cyclops, and Grand Wizard of the Ku-Klux-Klan, had reached out from the grave and given the proverbial “Finger” to then President Obama. A melee would have ensued!

Growing up the wooden spoon was never far from my mothers reach, ready to dispense the appropriate justice for any back-talk or “sass.” Soap was a familiar dessert for objectionable language. Apparently both were absent in the McCain home.

The lack of respect on display for the Presidency and its current occupant was reprehensible. It spoke poorly of our leaders and the Nation.

While there are many who dislike the current President, a lot of us didn’t care for his predecessor. The remedy is at the ballot box in 2020, until then, it’s time for those that oppose him to do so in an appropriate manner.

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