Death by a Thousand Cuts

Leon Panetta on ABC News last Evening called for Congressional investigations into President Trump’s mental stability as well as his possible removal from office based entirely on anonymous sources.

Anonymous sources! Nameless, faceless, saboteurs who lack the courage to stand behind their allegations. It’s been this way since Donald Trump took office.

From the inauguration forward one Media outlet after another has reported with glee, “An anonymous source told (fill in the blank) that…..

So in addition to whatever moles the DOJ planted inside his Campaign, someone, or several someones were planted inside the White House by “the Swamp”, ” the Deep State”, pick one.

The President posed the question yesterday, “Treason?” What else could it be when unseen forces have been conspring for nearly two years to thwart the President’s agenda (and by extension that of the people who elected him) with the ultimate goal of bringing down the Administration.

The quotes in Bob Woodward’s book bear a striking resemblance to the quotes in yesterday’s Times article. No doubt the source was one in the same.

Rather than investigate the President’s mental state, Congress needs to determine who’s responsible for undermining the Executive Branch.

Comparisons have been made to the Watergate scandal, but that involved the alleged commission of a crime by the President.

Donald Trump has committed no crime nor has he been charged with one. The real crime is the attempted destruction of the Presidency by those allowed to hide in plain sight.


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