Immigration Policy

Article 1 Section 8 Clause 4 14th Amendment

caravan--640x4802067799683.pngWordy title to a blog, don’t you think? I started it that way so you know where to find the loophole that gives “automatic citizenship” to any person born on our soil, or any soil under our jurisdiction.

It makes sense for people serving our country in some capacity elsewhere on the globe for their children to automatically become a citizen but after that, its a complete failure. It’s what gives rise to illegal immigration, “anchor babies” if you will. I’ve written about anchor babies in previous blogs, I’ve helped deliver them too. Immigration is such a hot button topic right now and I’m not writing to change your mind either way. I’m just going to tell you a true story about an anchor baby, and why I feel that this clause needs to go!

We were dispatched to “female possibly in labor.” Normally this is a happy call for us. It’s always exciting to bring a new life into this world. When we arrived on scene, one of the local police officers was outside.

Great guy and normally real easy going and helpful. He looked like he didn’t know whether to be super angry or physically sick. He couldn’t even talk, he just gestured towards the house. Elation turns to dread as I wonder what the heck could evoke such a reaction out of him.

We entered the house. The room was full of people of varying ages, not one of them spoke a lick of english. We did find the female who was most definitely in labor, with the only relative (here legally) who spoke english and we managed to get the story from him.

The female in labor was from Guatemala, had been repeatedly raped and impregnated by a family member. The whole family had illegally entered the country with this pregnant female knowing that the baby would be granted automatic citizenship. They were counting on the family not being separated so they could all stay, thanks to this anchor baby.

Happens everyday right? Whats the big deal? This female raped and impregnated by a relative, forced to carry this baby to term, WAS ONLY 10 YEARS OLD!! Yes, I said 10. Thats the part of the 14th amendment they don’t want you to hear about! Can you imagine putting your daughter through something so heinous, just for citizenship? Never mind the sheer cost throughout the years of the whole family on government assistance. We need to prevent this from happening again, and doing away with this is the only way!

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