From the Front Line

And then they handed me an ear!


Hello from the front line everyone! I thought I would give you a few insights into my “average” day.

You can never say “I’ve seen it all” because as soon as you do, the EMS Gods accept your challenge. My average day starts at 5am and if I’m lucky, ends at 7pm. In between, who knows.

I got a call that was dispatched for “female in the deli. Abdominal pain.” Actually, it was a female in labor, water broke, and we got a beautiful 2.2 lb baby boy! If only they were all like that. I also recently handled an emotionally disturbed female (EDP) who was running around the local transportation center naked. We never know what we are really going to get until we arrive.

We got a call for a dog bite. Usually this means a hand, or a calf bite, occasionally the face. There was a woman crying and screaming at her boyfriend with a bit of dried blood on her cheek. We put her on the stretcher and we were headed for the ambulance.

As we were walking away her boyfriend said “excuse me miss” and I turned around. He walked up to me and handed me a zip loc back containing ice, and his girlfriends ear! You just never know. It’s what makes this the hardest job you’ll ever love.

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