Turn the Page

Today we witnessed not a funeral but a meeting of the “Swamp.” United in celebration for the “good old days” and by their hatred of the man who spoiled the “party.”

Up until 2016 (with one exception) and unbeknownst to the American People, Presidential Elections were nothing more than a shell game. Two Partys would annunciate their “principles” select their “warriors” then go head to head in a battle for “the heart and soul of a Nation.”

However, like the “shell game” these contests were rigged. The arguments nothing more than show, for at the end of the day the “Partys” in the words of the late John McCain “Had so much more in common with each other than in disagreement.” Despite their proteststions, both Republicans and Democrats favor illegal immigration and amnesty for those already here.

The Democrats want it in order to build a permanent underclass unskilled and uneducated who will be perpetually reliant on the Federal Government.

The Republicans support it in order to provide cheap labor for their masters at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce who care nothing about the lives of the average American and are beholden to Multinational Corporations. No one, no one, was looking after the interests of “John Q. Public.”

For eight years Republicans railed against the “Affordable Care Act” sending Bill after the Bill to the White House only to see them turned back by the President who’s name was synonymous with the “ACA” itself.

But, once given contol of all three branches of Government they acted like “Deer caught in a headlight.”

Why? Because in reality most of them never had any intention of getting rid of yet another layer of bureaucracy. That is what they thrive on. It affords them contol over even more of the Country’s economy and more importantly contol over the lives of every American.

Despite giving lip service to “the Principles on which this great Nation was founded” they no more believe in that than they do the “Tooth Fairy!”

Both Republicans and Democrats are after the same thing, total Government control. Their only real disagreement is the pace at which to proceed.

To paraphrase the theme of an old Norman Lear sitcom, “And then came Trump!”

In spite of the fact that he came from money, Trump, more than anyone, relates to “Mr. and Mrs. America.”

He had the guts to call out Politicians from both sides of the aisle on their “laundry list” of broken promises.

He saw them, all of them, for exactly what they are, “two sides of the same coin.” The Emperors had no clothes and Trump is the only one with the guts to say, “You people are butt naked!”

Worse, Trump made promises that he actually intended to keep and those promises would throw a “monkey wrench” right into the heart of the “Posperity plan” the Bureaucrats designed and so jealously gaurd.

A “prosperity plan” for themselves, their masters and all those who have been ginning up the game known as “Globalization.” All economies joined at the hip with complete disregard for those in the trenches. “Lost your job at the steel plant? Tough! Manufacturing jobs are a thing of the past.” What they failed to add is “At least for you!”

So that’s the game that’s been played since the passing of the only other man who gave a damn about The United States and her people, Ronald Regan.

Don’t believe me? Think my point of view is extreme? Well here it is in the words of a man who has done his best to bring America as we know it to it’s knees, George Soros. Regarding the potential outcome of the 2012 Election and the impact if Republican Mitt Romney were to win he said, “There is not much tangible difference between presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.” He was right.

Which is exactly why those assembled in D.C were mourning, not only the passing of one of their own, but of their way of life if they can’t find someway to stop the one person who stands against them, and “For the People.” Time to turn the page!

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