The Enemy of our Enemy

Senator John McCain passed away on Saturday and since the news broke the Press has been engaged in Canonization.

I will not speak ill of the recently deceased. However I had profound disagreements with his policies as did the Media. That is until he was caught with his hand in the “cookie jar.”

McCain became embroiled in what would come to be known as the“Keating 5” scandal.

A group of five Senators including the Junior Senator from Arizona (at that time), were accused of using their influence for the benefit of a corrupt but wealthy constituent who had defrauded investors and the Federal Government out of roughly 4.3 Billion as the result of bad investments by the Savings and Loan he controlled.

Following a full investigation McCain was formally reprimanded by the Senate for poor judgement.

In what was clearly a C.Y.A. move he became the poster boy for Campaign Finance Reform. The “McCain /Feingold Act” as it was structured, would benefit the Democrat Party and punish his own.

Eventually the Supreme Court would find much of these “reforms” unconstitutional. Having turned his back on his Party, McCain quickly became a Media darling earning him the nickname “Maverick.”

McCain, basking in his new found celebrity, went so far as to declare “The Fourth Estate” his new base. That changed overnight the minute he announced his 2nd run for the Presidency. The Press turned on a dime once Barack Obama secured his Party’s nomination. No longer the favorite of the Commentariat, McCain would go on to lose the Election by a two to one margin.

Once Donald Trump arrived on the political scene, McCain went after him with a vengeance (being a staunch defender of the Party establishment which was now under attack). Naturally Trump retaliated. While I don’t agree with his characterization of the late Senator, I do understand his motivation.

Despite the fact that McCain himself opposed the “Affordable Care Act” even going so far as to campaign on its repeal and replacement, once the opportunity presented itself, he chose to preserve it rather than hand Trump and the Republicans a victory.

Virtually every step of the way the President found himself dogged by the Senior Senator from Arizona. Once again McCain found himself adored by his former “friends” who would use any means to drag down their new adversary. And so it has been up until his passing this past Weekend.

Having no shame, the same Press that had stabbed him in the back, ignoring his past transgressions, (which are many *) are using his now “squeaky clean” image to browbeat the man they despise beyond rationality during their never ending “Memorials.”

As McCain was the last of those opposed to Trump with any clout, the rest having learned it’s better to be in “the Donald’s” good graces (if they value their political hides), one wonders what the Media will do having lost the Quisling who did their bidding.

*Example: In an interview in 2000 McCain, referring to his former captors, was quoted as saying “I hate the Gooks” and I will always hate the Gooks.” He never recanted that statement.

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