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It’s Yesterday once more?

I was lucky enough to grow up in what was considered the “Golden Age” of Children’s Television. Not quite old enough to remember “Howdy Doody” but Paul Winchell was still on the air with his puppets “Jerry Mahoney” and “Knucklehead Smith.”

Saturday morning was the day a lot of kids (and Parents) looked forward to as all three networks ran between 3 to 4 hours of Cartoons and kids shows.

In addition to the Network programs, the local Stations, particularly those in the top 10 markets, produced their own Children’s programing. Those living in the New York Metro area were treated to some of the best.

We had “Officer Joe Bolton” and “Captain Jack McCarthy” who showed “Three Stooges” and “Little Rascals” comedies and Classic Max Fleischer cartoons like “Popeye” and “Betty Boop” respectively.

We also had Sonny Fox and Bob McAlister both hosts of “Wonderama” on WNEW Channel 5, as well as “The Chuck McCann Show” and my two favorites “Soupy Sales” of the infamous “Green Pieces of Paper” scandal and Sandy Becker.

With the advent of the Internet and “YouTube” it is now possible to see clips of these Classic old programs as nostalgia hounds have been uploading them in droves.

Last night I decided to take a stroll down “Memory Lane” and boy was I surprised. Kids TV was apparently a lot more fun than anyone knew or realized. I discovered two Blooper reals with my pals Sandy and “Soupy.” I expected to see things like mispronounciations, Seltzer bottle and pie fights, the usual slapstick.

Instead I was treated to some unexpectedly adult humor. Aside from being shocked, I was sore from a laughing jag that lasted a good 15 minutes.

My World, and my sides will never be the same.

Go to the 2:28 mark if you want to skip straight to “Soupy” but all of it is pretty funny!

Warning Contains Nudity and Sexual Content.

Warning Adult Humor

Image Copyrights NY Times, Metromedia Television,CBS Television, WPIX New York

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