The Big Story Everyone’s Missing

In light of yesterday’s events involving the President’s former Lawyer well as his former Campaign Manager, all eyes have turned to D.C. with the “gotcha game” in full swing.

Talk of Cohen “putting a target” on the President’s back by agreeing to cooperate with the Special Counsel which his opposition is praying will be the beginning of the end, looms large in the headlines.

Another Republican, Congressman Duncan Hunter of California and his Wife have just been indicted for using Campaign coffers for their personal benefit in a District that has for decades been a safe Republican seat.

In the midst of all the scandal there is a bigger story that the Media, the Pundits and the Politicians have missed, a majority of the people in this Country believe the Nation is “on the wrong track” by a margin of 51 to 40 according to the latest “Real Clear Politics” average, and these polls took place prior to yesterday’s news. Yet the Consumer Confidence Index is inching towards an 18 year high.

So how do we square the two? Well the old adage “all that glitters is not gold” would seem to apply.

The economy is roaring, Employment is at an all time high, but the Nation itself is in emotional turmoil. Perhaps that’s why Republicans aren’t running on the Economy.

Donald Trump is no longer the “Teflon Don”, he’s the Head of State and the incessant negativity by the MSM has taken its toll. The next Presidential Election is not for another two years and Impeachment, with the exception of extreme Partisans is not something the People have an appetite for.

When a majority of Voters believe the Country is headed in the wrong direction they are looking for a means to correct course. In 2016 Six in Ten believed the Country was on the “wrong track” and Republicans took the White House and increased their legislative numbers across the board to a level not seen since the 1920s. Then they blew it. Rather than a unified agenda they fought among themselves like cats and dogs. They held all three branches of Government and failed to act on the agenda they’d been promising voters for eight years. Which may very well explain the “enthusiasm gap” in Republican voter turnout.

The “Affordable Care Act” is in tatters, sinking under its own weight. Republicans have neither “Repealed or Replaced” it. Health Care costs are sky rocketing and they have done nothing to address it. Perhaps they were hoping Voters wouldn’t notice because of increased wages as a result of the tax cut. The problem is, it’s cutting into the economic windfall. Health Care is now the number one issue in polls across the board.

As we approach the Midterm Elections of 2018 Republicans stand on a precipice and in the words of “Professor Marvel” from the “Wizard of Oz”, “There’s a storm blowin’ up, a whopper!” Whether they get hit with a Cat 1 or a Cat 5 remains to be seen.

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