Media Bias

Media Of The Deep State

I could blather on ad infinitum about how the Press all marches in lockstep. I could discuss how they repeat the same talking points across the spectrum.

I knew the “Echo Chamber” existed within the Media Elite and by that I mean the major Cable outlets like Fox and CNN and of course the “Big Three” as well as “Public Supported” PBS. What I was not aware of, until now, is that it now includes local media as well.

What makes this more insidious and far more disturbing is that “Local News” tends to be given more credibility than the “Networks.” After all, these are “our people” who have, in theory, the interests of the local community at heart. So they would have us believe. There is a large segment of the population who watch nothing but Local News, given that they also cover National Headlines there are those who use it as their sole source of information.

As I said at the beginning, I could go on. However, it’s one thing to discuss an issue, it’s entirely something else when you see the proof first hand.

For those familiar with the Film “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” you would be hard pressed not to believe that the news is controlled by Pod People. One single group united in a common purpose. Not unlike the Print Media which is about to publish an across the board Editorial condemning the President’s attacks on News Organizations. Well, the proof is in the eating. See for yourself.

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