What was that?

The President and “The Great Leader” show up in Singapore, meet for a couple of hours and suddenly we’re singing “Kumbaya?” I know about “quickies” but come on.

My gut says it doesn’t pass the “smell test”, and falls more into “If it seems too good”, well, you know the rest, also “Something’s rotten in Denmark” would apply. Pick your cliche, it all adds up to the same thing, we gave up training exercises with the South, removing our remaining troops has also been discussed and in return we’re getting exactly what? A sheet of paper with the signature of a man who represents a regime notorious for breaking agreements and bold faced lying! Rather than a “Nixon/Mao moment, it looks, at least on the surface, more like Chamberlain/Hitler.

What exactly is the time table? Who’s hand gets shown first? Reading this some may tag me as a Never Trumper” and that would be incorrect. However I have been a student of Geopolitics for far too long to buy into this. It reminds me of a deal I made in a Highschool simulation which also involved North Korea with the result that we were completely wiped out. It also reminds me of a used car deal and in this case I think we got the “71 Pinto.”

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  1. I don’t agree. That was optics. That was “the deal was done before anyone showed up”. That John Bolton was in the background, I know that it was sound on a couple of different levels. I’ve read three of his books, and I think “The Art of the Deal” says more about his personality than the later books, but “Think Big….” tips his hand in a number of different ways.

    All the “I don’t think this is going to happen”, all the on and off again regarding the summit were part of pre-packaging the deal.

    It was done before the first public handshake.

    It’s going to have the detail you would expect from a project manager.

    I’m comfortable with what happened. Expect to see more of this level of showmanship going forward, and never, ever expect “diplomacy as usual”.


      • I don’t understand how our options are limited? I’m looking at this as a business man, not as a politician. If he does not perform as advertised, all else stops… and all else will be highly addictive for the Korean people. Un is desperate to be liked and revered. This is his only path forward.


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