UK Politics

Hiding in Plain Sight

The British Government arrested “Tommy” Robinson founder and head of “The British Defense League”, outside of Leeds Crown Court today because he reported on trials regarding Pedophiles accused of raping underage teens and grooming them for prostitution.

This begs the question: “Why is the British Crown attempting to cover up this up?”

The incredibly disturbing answer is because the Defendants are all of Muslim Heritage and the victims are UK Citizens.

Zero Hedge, the Media outlet for Wikileaks, released the names of the accused and the crimes they are charged with early today.

No doubt the Government’s justification for its actions is to prevent reprisals against the Muslim population as a whole.

However, keeping the Public ignorant of what is clearly an extensive and ongoing situation puts potential victims of these Gangs at even greater risk. In order to end the problem, the supply must be cut off. That will not occur until the British people are made fully aware of exactly what is happening. That is precisely what they should expect and moreover what they should demand from their Leaders!

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