“Dreamers” a Nightmare for New Jersey Taxpayers

The term “Dreamer” brings many things to mind. The most common reference these days is to the children of “undocumented” read that Illegal Aliens. People who’s first official interaction with their new Country was violating it’s borders. While their children did not make an active choice to break the law the fact that they were brought here “against their will” should not give them citizenship status. Nor should it entitle them to privileges that should be reserved for U.S. Citizens.

For example, recently elected New Jersey Governor “Phil” Murphy just signed a Bill allowing the children of Illegals to receive tuition assistance for State Colleges and Universities.

New Jersey tax payers will now be paying to educate the children of those who had zero respect for the laws of the United States putting them in competition with legal residents for finite financial resources. This is not only patently unfair it rewards those who break the law and encourages others to do so.

This situation is just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to whatever financial aide they may receive towards their education, they will also be eligible for housing assistance and Food Stamps. Their parents are also eligible for food and housing assistance as no law currently exists that limits these benefits to U.S citizens at either the State or Federal level. Imagine, the Federal Government does not require U.S. Citizenship as a prerequisite for receiving Food Stamps. So right off the bat they are being rewarded for breaking the law. There are a few States, Florida for example, that require proof of Residency but it is the exception, not the rule.

So one of the highest taxed States in the Union is now mandating that it’s already financially burdened populace pick up the tab to feed and educate those with No Legal Status! As the situation currently stands, what incentive remains for entering this Country through the proper channels?

That is why the 2018 Elections are so critical. It is time to stop rewarding Politicians who reward those who violate the law.

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