Could this be the Linchpin that brings down Trump?

The “Drudge Report” generally considered to be a Conservative News outlet, has no mention of the President ‘s meeting with the hostages from North Korea despite the fact that that’s the headline of every major News organization.

Instead the Headlines are related to a pay for play scheme allegedly set up by the President’s personal attorney who is now under investigation.

It has been an open secret that Drudge has been a Trump supporter from day one. The fact that he chose to link to a story that appears in Mysanantonio.com rather than covering what even the President’s critics consider a diplomatic coup has to give even the casual observer pause.

The article was prepared with the help of a Washington Post reporter yet the post itself takes no direct credit for it. A link to an Associated Press report on the story appears on the site but it is the fourth headline down. NBC News has a link to it on their site but it is not a “glaring” headline.

For Drudge to go all in gives this some measure of credence. Could this be the Linchpin that brings down Donald Trump? Right now, it appears to be a fair question.


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  1. Drudge. Breitbart. There should be a single allegiance, and that’s to the facts. We read them because they share our world view. Just remember that these are both organizations who want to see themselves are guardians of the “truth”, whatever that may be.


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