Fauxcahontas Back on the Reservation

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren who claims Native American heritage (at least when she’s trying to reduce tuition costs) will be making her way to Mashpee to discuss what impact her Opioid Bill will have on “Tribal Communities.”

This begs the question “Why would her Bill impact “Tribal Communities” more than any other?” The last time I checked Peyote was not a prescription drug. Or is she simply trying to call attention to her “Indian” roots once more?

Having made herself a laughing stock over this issue on more than one occasion and with her eyes on the 2020 prize (despite her protestations otherwise) one would think she would do everything to avoid rekindling the controversy rather than wading in hip deep yet again. Perhaps it’s her “warrior” instinct that’s driving her. Just another reminder why Republicans are salivating at the prospect of a Warren led ticket.


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