Media Bias

ABC Reporters in Shock and Awe?

On tonight’s ABC Evening News broadcast Anchor David Muir and former Clinton White House aide turned reporter George Stephanopoulos put up a pretense of shock and disgust at what came out in Stephanopoulos’s “exclusive interview” with former FBI Director James Comey.

The cause of their “discomfort?” Comey’s account of his first meeting with President Elect Trump in which he breifed him about the salacious details of the now discredited “Steele Dossier”, specifically the alleged account of Trump engaging with Russian prostitutes in 2013 during which they supposedly urinated on a bed used by Barack Obama and his wife during a visit they made to Moscow.

Under questioning Comey admitted that he never revealed to Trump that the “dossier” was put together by the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton Campaign. To his credit Stephanopoulos asked Comey if he didn’t feel that Trump had the right to be made aware of that. Comey lamely replied “I don’t know. ”

I don’t know? How could the President Elect not be entitled to the knowledge that this document had been prepared by political his enemies? Certainly that would have put an entirely different spin on things. Frankly on that basis alone Trump might have dismissed it.

The most nauseating thing about the entire interview was how Stephanopoulos and Comey kept coming back to the alleged urination charge. The same thing occurred during Stephanopoulos’s discussion with Muir after the Comey segment.

In both instances it was framed as though the President was responsible for the discussion when it was Comey himself who brought it to Trump’s attention.

Trump was naturally upset by such allegations as anyone in his position would be, particularly given what has been alleged about his relationships with women over the years. ,

The faux shock and disgust on the part of the two reporters who were well aware of the details of the “dossier” which has been public knowledge for more than a year, was more disturbing than the allegations it contained.

This is so beneath what was once considered Journalistic Integrity. Unfortunately by their behavior and that of the Media as a whole since their candidate lost to Trump in the 2016 election Journalistic Integrity has, for all time, become a contradiction in terms.

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