Media Bias

Trade War Won?

“The Sky Is Falling”, again. So said all the Pundits in the Press over the last week once Donald Trump began “imposing” tariffs on Chinese goods.

The Market fell dramatically. All the winds were blowing against the Administration. Yesterday Trump’s private lawyer’s office was raided by the FBI and Stocks fell yet again.

Now, mysteriously, they are on the rise. Of course no one in the Mainstream Media is even commenting on this. They’re too busy covering FB founder Zuckerberg’s unsworn testimony on Capital Hill while at the same time speculating on President Trump’s next move in the ever expanding “Mueller Investigation.”

Lost in all this is the news that China’s President Xi Jinping is ready to make concessions in it’s trade policy by reducing tariffs on imported cars and improving “intellectual property protection” two of the primary planks of the President’s demands.

Of course this will be buried in the evening’s News Broadcasts if it’s mentioned at all. That’s why we’re here. For those of you who want to be in the know, read below:

China Blinks in Trade War

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