Welfare, Healthcare, And The Ticking Time Bomb

In 2010 President Obama at the behest of his wife Michelle signed the “Hunger Free Kids Act” into law. It changed the content of school lunches across the nation in pursuit of providing healthier food choices to America’s children. The action was taken to fight childhood obesity which has become an increasing and dangerous problem among the country’s youth including the onset of juvenile diabetes.

One cannot argue with the good intentions of the former President and his wife, however the “elephant in the room” is what the previous Administration failed to address.

The Obama Administration was responsible for the largest expansion of the Food Stamp program in American history. It dropped the work requirements put into place by the Clinton Administration in order to increase access and actively promoted it on both Radio and Television.

However, while Obama put stringent nutritional rules into place for School lunches it failed to place any restrictions on those using EBT cards. The net result: a massive increase in obesity among those participating.

I have witnessed on more occasions than I care to count families purchasing multiple shopping carts full of soft drinks, prepackaged foods, boxed mixes such as “Hamburger Helper” cases of macaroni and cheese, not to mention candy, cakes, pies, ice cream, and cookies. No vegetables or fruit fresh or canned, no juice, fresh meat, nothing of any nutritional value what so ever. Also nothing that required any effort to prepare beyond the use of a microwave oven, with the exception of frozen pizzas which they purchase en mass.

The people making these purchases in many instances are already incredibly obese as are their children with the result that they are perpetuating the the very health risks Obama and his wife gave lip service to reducing when they revamped the School lunch menus.

So why the disconnect? Simple, had the former President and his wife attempted to restrict the types of foods available to Welfare recipients it would have cost them and their Party at the ballot box as their voter base would have revolted en mass.

Further, it would have affected the Democrat’s coffers as both retailers and food producers would have squealed like stuck hogs .

While the numbers of those using Food Stamps has begun to decline under the Trump Administration, no action of any kind has been taken to place restrictions on the types of food recipients are able to purchase.

Instead, they continue to kick the can down the road while creating a ticking time bomb for the healthcare system the likes of which has never been seen.

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