“The Art of the Deal?”or The fall of the Schlemiel?

Schlemiel is Yiddish for “chump” which rhymes with Trump which exactly what the President became when he signed the “Omnibus” spending bill today.

He bragged that he was able to secure funding for the border wall but the bill prevents him from using any of the prototypes he recently inspected in California. “The law also specifically bars construction on a wildlife preserve that the administration previously identified as a starting point for work on a new border wall.

During the signing ceremony he stated that the Congress hadn’t even read the bill, well clearly neither did he!

Today’s events cast a shadow over the upcoming talks with North Korea. If the President doesn’t have the backbone to stand up to the Congress how will he be able to stand up to Kim Jong-Un? He had better bring someone with him to read the fine print before he signs anything or the new capital of “The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” could end up being Seoul!

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