Immigration Policy

But they’re “dreamers”

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I was trying to wait for an upbeat and positive story. However, these stories need to be told. Not for the shock value, nor to make people hate illegal immigrants but to make you see why the rest of us get so pissed off.

Im not quite sure how the community of illegals found the little village of Utopia where I live, but it’s like Mecca to them. We have our little group of “frequent flyers,” what we call the regulars whom we pick up on almost a daily basis. One of them has been in the area for at least two decades. Here illegally from Guatemala and not one of the group of men who hang out on the sides of the roads actually looking for work as a day laborer, but of the group who DO NOTHING to become a productive member of society. Coincidently, a friend of previously mentioned “maggot man.” I’ll call him Miguel. This group will hit the local church for free breakfast and then panhandle until they have enough money to buy alcohol, and then break into an abandoned house or find some woods to drink in until they pass out and someone calls 911.

This past Saturday afternoon I responded to a call that came in as “Intoxicated, possible assault” in an area frequented by the group. The patient turned out to be Miguel, who got into an altercation with another one of the homeless illegals. He was beaten with a metal pipe and sustained some major injuries. His front teeth were knocked out, his eyes were swelling shut and he had several bruises around his face. The biggest problem we had was that he was so intoxicated that we couldn’t tell if his altered mental status was due to the large amount of alcohol he consumed or as a result of his head injuries.

A decision was made to bypass the two closest local hospitals and take him directly to a dedicated trauma center.

We were met by the trauma team upon arrival at the hospital. For those of you who don’t know, the team consists of a doctor, a radiologist and a neurologist, several nurses and other support staff. An x-ray determined that Miguel had an intra-cranial bleed and an O.R. being prepped for someone else was commandeered for this man.

Driving back to our territory we were listening to the radio and found that some excellent police work had lead to the capture and arrest of the other illegal immigrant that had assaulted Miguel.

The reason that we need immigration reform and walls on our borders? These two people, in our country illegally are now directly responsible for the following costs to the taxpayers: Initial response team (2 paramedics, 2 EMT’s and multiple police units) – $10,000.00 Hospital bill for surgery and rehab $1,000,000.00 AND COUNTING for the victim PLUS the cost of incarcerating and taking care of the perpetrator while awaiting trial and the cost of his stay after sentencing. An average of $55,000.00 in the state where I reside. All the while hoping against hope that this guy decides to take his second chance and do something productive with his life, or decides to go home.

When all is said and done, this one incident caused by two people, could conceivably cost the tax payers upwards of $1,500,000.00! People who are NOT citizens and are NOT here legally. When do we say enough is enough? Why do these people get to take advantage of our system when those of us who work are penalized? We need to send everyone here illegally “home” and build the wall so the people who do come, earn it, the same way we Americans have to every day!

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