Media Bias

ABC News Recycles

I’ve been noticing a pattern for months with Network News. As weekends typically don’t generate big headlines, they simply repeat the headlines of the week on their Saturday / Sunday evening broacasts.

Take last night for example. The headline on ABC was, “White House in Turmoil.” Well the first part of the story was new, a man committed suicide outside the gates of the White House today. The anchor spent about 15 seconds on that. Then it was time to hammer Trump with stories from the previous week, again. “President imposing tariffs on aluminum and steel” from Wednesday. Don’t forget to throw in a clip of Chuck Schumer from who knows when proclaiming that “This White House is in more disarray the any he’s ever witnessed.” Really? I guess he wasn’t around during the Clinton years.

Then, the cherry on this shit Sundae of a broadcast, hammering Chief of Staff John Kelly yet again on his handling of the Rob Porter resignation that occurred when? The 8th of February. How did ABC manage this? By tying it to a story from yesterday in which Kelly stated he never considered resigning from his post .

Whether it happened last week, or last month, if they’re short on news the Network is happy to repeat it so long as it casts the Trump Administration in the worst possible light.

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