“Do Something Now”  How To Bring An End To School Shootings 

Uninformed but we’ll meaning people are calling for increased restrictions on the sale of fire arms in the wake of the horrendous shootings that took place Wednesday in Parkland Florida.

While it’s true the perpetrator should never have been able to purchase a gun because of his mental condition, it is also true that there are so many avenues available to procure a weapon any person determined to commit such a heinous act would not have been detered.

In the case of the Sandyhook Elementary School shooting the perp took the weapons from his mother’s locked gun cabinet. Nothing could have stopped him from getting his hands on them.  They were purchased legally by a woman with no criminal background.  It should be noted that the shooter murdered his mother before making his way to the School.

Washington D.C. and Chicago which have the most stringent gun laws in the Country also have the highest rates of violent crime as the majority of the weapons are not purchased legally.

The Columbine massacre which took place nearly twenty years ago should have served as a wake up call but that lesson has yet to be learned in spite of what just happened in Florida.  The sad but simple truth is our children are not safe.  Anyone determined to take innocent lives regardless of the warning signs will likely succeed.

The FBI was made aware of the intentions of the Parkland shooter on two separate occasions, last September and shockingly just six weeks ago and they failed to act. They have openly admitted that they “dropped the ball.”  The Director of the Miami Bureau offered his apologies.  To what end?  Seventeen lives have been lost. Nothing will bring them back.

Local law enforcement had been called to the killer’s home on 39 separate occasions and still he was allowed to run free to maim and murder the students and teachers of Majory Stoneman Douglas High School.

The truth is the killings that took place at Sandyhook, Parkland, and every other School could have been prevented.

However, in order to solve a problem you must first acknowledge it exists.  By failing to do so many innocent lives have been lost.

It is time to do what should have been done a long time ago.   Metal detectors and armed guards must be placed at the entrance and exit of every School in the Nation.  Security cameras monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year must also be put in place.   Why?  Not only to stop potential shooters but to prevent potential acts of terrorism from taking place.

We as citizens must be willing to foot the bill.  The amount of waste and fraud that exists at all levels of government has been detailed over and over again. Prioritization and belt tightening may very well be enough to cover the costs of these measures.

Regardless, we must find a way to pay for what needs to be done.  But in order for anything to change we, as a people, must acknowledge the dangers that exist.  We must own up to the fact that evil of every kind is out there just waiting for an opportunity to strike.  Until that occurs the lives of our children are put at risk every day.   It is time to “Do Something Now!!!”

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