Wray Goes Native 

After being in office a scant seven months, it appears Christopher Wray, who succeeded FBI Director James Comey, has already been consumed by the “Swamp.” 

Following the release of the House Intelligence memo, Wray addressed the Bureau saying “Talk is cheap, the work you do will endure.”

He continued at length in an attempt to bolster the reported sagging morale at the agency after months of blistering attacks by both the President and House Republicans. 

What’s perplexing is why Wray and others seem to be taking this personally.  Any lack of confidence expressed is due to the actions taken by those named in the memo. It is their accountability that’s being called into question.

Rather than going on the defensive, the prudent course would have been to try and restore confidence in the FBI by addressing the American People directly.  Assuring them that the behavior of a few does not represent the whole.  That steps are being taken to insure that the Justice Department will never again be used to further the political agenda of any Administration or Party.

The fact that Wray has chosen instead to “circle the wagons” makes evident an US vs THEM mentality that should not exist.

Sadly this is not the first instance of Agency abuse.  Since its inception the FBI has shown an alarming disregard for the rights of private citizens, the worst examples occurring during the tenure of its maiden director J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover was never shy about letting elected officials know exactly where they stood.

Allowing bureaucrats to wield such power in a Democratic Republic should never be the case then or now. 

The manner in which the memo has been received begs the question; Who is guiltier, the perpetrators, or the ones who exposed them?  Clearly in the minds of the Democrats, the Press and the Bureau, it’s the latter. 

Contrary to the views expressed by those opposed to the actions taken by the President and Chairman Nunes, National Security has not been compromised. The only secrets revealed are the number of “bad actors” placed in the agency by the previous administration and their complete disregard for the rule of law.  

If the FBI’s reputation has been sullied as postulated by NBC News on Friday, the Obama appointees are the ones responsible.  NBC went on to say that because his advise was ignored, the Director has no choice but to resign.

In light of Wray’s recent behavior, it may be in the best interest of both the Bureau and the Nation that he follow their advice.

Image Copyright United Press International 

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