Behind the Smoke and Mirrors, the real reason “The Swamp” doesn’t want the Memo released 

ABC News devoted three minutes of it’s Wednesday night broadcast and another three last night to the potential release of the now infamous FBI memo written by the House Intelligence Committee.

Anchor David Muir and Chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl set up a “straw man” insinuating that FBI Director Christopher Wray might resign if the President were to release it. The “straw” was quickly blown away as Muir and Karl reversed course on Thursday reporting that in all his meetings with the White House, Wray had never conveyed any such intention.

On Wednesday the FBI expressed “grave concern” regarding the memo’s accuracy stating it had not been given time to properly vet it. The Agency added that in its view key information had been omitted.

This is rumor control, here the facts:

House Intelligence Committee Chair David Nunes met with the FBI Director on Sunday and reviewed the memo with him. When questioned about it’s veracity, Wray said he could find no inaccuracies

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein who may be implicated in the memo’s findings was denied access. It is believed the report may demonstrate that Rosenstein is guilty of malfeasance. This would prove particularly troubling given that he put the investigation of collusion between the Trump Campaign and the Russian Government into motion and hired former FBI Director Bob Mueller to lead it.

What the Democrats, the FBI and their allies in the Media fear most is that the memo will reveal the investigation was based on a now discredited dossier paid for by the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign.

If it proves to have been based on spurious information this could lead to the dismissal of the Special Counsel and put an end to the investigation itself, something the Democrats and the Media want desperately to avoid. That may explain why Mueller recently changed his focus from collusion to obstruction of justice.

Karl also reported that an “anonymous source” had leaked information regarding a meeting that occurred last week during which the President is alleged to have asked Rosenstein if he “was on his team.” Karl stated that Mueller was investigating the claim, indicating it would further strengthen the case for obstruction. The leak no doubt came from the FBI in an attempt to distract from any damage the release of the memo may cause.

If the relentless efforts of those opposed to making the memo public are any indicator, the President’s claim that the investigation is nothing more than a “Witch Hunt” may turn out to be true and the memo may be the “smoking gun” that proves it.

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