What’s coming out of Washington DC right now is far from business as usual, but what’s even more unique is that so many fence sitters (cumulatively referred to as the “we will see” crowd) are coming down firmly in the Trump camp.
I recently read an op-ed in the Washington Post titled “I wasn’t a Trump supporter. I am now.” It’s author, Mollie Ziegler Hemingway went through almost exactly the same set of mental and reasoning gymnastics to get from “we shall see”, to “WOW, I’m pleased”.

A friend who’s a newly minted “C” level executive and a recovering Democrat, started signing paychecks in the nice sized manufacturing business that he’s running. He personally signs off on all 140 or so pay requests, and generally will add notes when appropriate.

He was a skeptic about Trump. He felt Hillary was wrong for the country at this time, but never really embraced Trump.

Until the tax tables changed.

He is not only seeing the changes to his employees income first hand (he’s quite literally stroking the checks), but hearing the feedback.

This is a guy with his finger on the pulse of his organization. He’s engaged. He’s known, respected, and liked. He fought off a union organizing push in early 2017.

His read on this is “my front line people are pumped. They have more money. The business pipeline is full, and my team knows that means opportunity for the future. Even the most ardent union supporters are trying to decipher what the Democrats want… because what the President is doing is working, and they have proof”

It’s in their paychecks.

There is more politicking happening in lunchrooms and over water coolers than you could possibly track. What’s being said is not what you read in the paper or see on the news.

Trump’s first big, bold step – the tax reduction – is working. People see right through the rhetoric of Schumer and Pelosi, and are saying “what’s wrong with you?”.

Their same old “soak the rich” and “elevate the immigrant and refugee” is not resonating with the taxpayers.

The taxpayers who are in those $25 per hour high benefit jobs are making things. Creating value. They understand supply and demand. The price/value curve. They get it, and are no longer buying yesterdays song from the Democrats.

The market is over 26,000. Record territory. They know this effects their retirement.

The retirees know they will have more to spend this year, because of the market.

Trump’s stock market.

This is not an isolated observation, but it’s what’s being said all over America.

The governmental shutdown that is likely will backfire on the Democrats. Their carping about the tax reductions will backfire. Their continuous stream of insults regarding President Trump will ultimately backfire.

The tide is turning, and with plenty of time before the ’18 election cycle.

The Democrats gave it their only shot.

The people don’t like it. The landslide is red. Bright red.

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