Republicans “Cracking Up”

I have a feeling the Alabama race might have been called early. If this holds I will say I’m disappointed by Moore’s loss to the extent that had he won and the Senate had refused to seat him, the Governor would have appointed a Republican to replace him.

The flip side is that it avoids further bloodshed within the party which up to this point had truly begun to resemble a “crimson tide.”

None the less, Republicans still have a lot of egg on their face. First for being so quick to abandon Moore and worse for doing a 180 when they thought he had a chance of winning. In an attempt to cover their spineless behavior, they threatened to keep him from being seated if he was in fact triumphant.

Both the Party elders and President Trump thought they could have their cake and eat it too but neither the voters or the media are going to let this pass without comment or judgement.

Once again for Republicans, the “yoke’s” on them. 
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