Media Bias

When ABC F’s Up, People Listen

ABC’s so called “investigative correspondent” Brian Ross reported yesterday ( based on a single anonymous source) that then Candidate Trump had asked advisor General Mike Flynn to contact the Russian Government.

In light of the fact that Flynn (it was announced in the same report) had pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and was now co-operating with the special council looking into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians and is allegedly willing to testify against the President, the stock market crashed and burned losing 350 points minutes after this was announced.

Flash forward to 6:00 PM the same day and lo and behold it turns out that it was President Elect not candidate Trump who asked his national security advisor to contact the Russians to seek help in resolving the crisis in Syria. He further tasked Flynn with making contact with other foreign leaders regarding “hot spots” in the world.

This is a 180 degrees from what was initially reported by Ross. That scenario would have resulted in potential impeachment proceedings against a sitting President (given the current political climate) which is why the markets tumbled.

Such is the level of disdain by the media (and ABC in particular) towards this President that they were willing to rush to air with a “Special Report” that they are now forced to admit was never properly vetted.

Worse, they compounded their error by calling the “update” on the 6:30 news a “clarification” rather than a correction. This ignited a firestorm of criticism which included the network which up to this point had been the poster child for the label “Fake News”, CNN.

Anxious to shed this mantel they have been going after ABC like a piranha attacking a guppy.

With this type of behavior being the norm rather than the exception, is it any wonder that the media as a whole has a favorability rating below that of both the President and Congress?

The latest is that the network has suspended Ross without pay for thirty days. A more fitting punishment would be requiring the network to reimburse investors across the board for any losses incurred as a result of it’s gross negligence.

Trial lawyers listen up, there may be an opportunity here.
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