Media Bias

Lies, Damn Lies, and the Media

Just finished watching ABC “News” coverage of the Mueller indictments. Never have I seen such a hatchet job. Over and over they acknowledged that the charges against Paul Manafort former Trump campaign manager and his associate Rick Gates were unrelated to the campaign itself but would then use innuendo and conjecture to suggest the opposite, convicting the President in the “court of public” opinion by means of circumstantial evidence.

Then we have the unpaid consultant who it is said pled guilty to lying to the FBI about his dealings with the Russians.

According to the report he has been cooperating with them for the last six weeks.

Allegedly Papadopoulos attempted to set up meetings with Russians who had dirt on Hillary Clinton as well as a meeting between Trump and Putin.

While acknowledging that the meeting never happened, ABC continued to hammer the fact that Papadopoulos, in the only meeting that occurred of the foreign policy advisory group, was seated only three chairs away from the candidate as if this alone was proof of the President’s guilt.

Reaching out to the Russians may not look good but it is by no means illegal. Were that the case Clinton and her campaign staff would already be behind bars for their dealings with Fusion.

Further, nothing came of Papadopoulos’s efforts.

Flipping over to PBS coverage, they too have taken the position that the President and his team are guilty simply by virtue of the fact that they attempted to use Russian connections to dig up dirt on the Democrat nominee.

Again, the Clinton Campaign actually did use the Russians to put together a phony dossier that was used by then FBI director Comey as the basis for the investigation into the Trump campaign which led to the appointment of a special counsel.

Lying to the FBI is illegal and why Papadopoulos made such a poor judgement call remains to be seen. However, unless a major shoe drops the entire basis for the investigation is specious and purely political.

Never have we seen the level.of “yellow journalism” employed by the networks and their cohorts on cable and public broadcasting.

Even calling it journalism in this context is a disgrace to the profession. To those who support the President, stay strong and stay tuned. Much more to come in the days, weeks and months ahead.
Image Copyrights ABC News, NBC News, CBS News

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  1. Considering that journalists are lower down the food chain than disgraced politicians-turned-dogcatchers, calling it a “profession” denigrates prostitutes. At least there is no pretense of nobility with a prostitute.


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